What We Do

Sector Expertise

We offer support services to senior executives embarking on a new venture regardless of which sector they are entering. Our leaders’ extensive experience in the telecoms sector is particularly valued.

Big Industries with Big Challenges

Learning from the leaders in telecoms

Since 1990, the telecoms industry has been a key contributor to global economic development and it remains one of the largest employment industries in the world. Although mobile and smart tech currently lead the way, revenues from fixed broadband and PC internet continue to grow, reflecting the preference for high speed cable and fibre. Managing the effects of convergence and the rapid rise of data will become increasingly important.

Wyze leaders have successfully managed billions of dollars of revenues for telecoms operations with many successes in countries that lack a structured business environment, banking system, regulation, or technical, operational and marketing capacity.

While communications are essential for economic development, strong demand from emerging markets, rapid roll-out programmes and increasing sector complexity can shorten available development time leaving process gaps.

Despite good intentions, this means that senior management, including the Board of Directors, can find themselves dealing with revenue loss, increased costs and, potentially, cases of corruption, fraud and bribery. We make our experiences of managing this type of situation available to help build more robust and responsive operations.

Uniting Fast-Moving Sectors

Helping executives optimise new opportunities

Demand for wireless products is growing and our leaders are increasingly asked to bridge the knowledge gap between wired and wireless communication technology and new product and service offerings in sectors like mobile banking, e-healthcare and mobile commerce.

We support executives through the planning and implementation complexities of organisations, networks, sales and distribution systems, customer care, billing, and all necessary support functions in order to help achieve strategic goals.

Our knowledge has been acquired in start-ups, consolidations, change management, rebranding, lifestyle product development, and through competition and regulatory changes as they have rapidly emerged and developed around the world.

Regardless of industry sector, we help develop the flexibility and agility you need to be proactive, lead the market, and manage challenges in order to deliver real competitive advantages for your business.