What We Do

Our Capability

We have successfully nurtured and protected new project ventures, people investments and corporate reputation in some of the world’s most beautiful but often unstable and changeable countries.

Our accumulated knowledge is now available to senior executives embarking on similar endeavours. So whether you’re responsible for your company’s reputation management, executive selection, financial investment or new operation, Wyze helps protect important interests from the impacts of adversity – wherever they are.

Valuable Advice

Active on-the-ground experience

As leaders, we all hope never to invoke emergency response plans, but the reality is we’ve managed many of the real-life consequences of serious disruption and know what a robust and workable emergency plan looks like.

Our leaders guide people and operations through planning, decision-making and recovery processes wherever there are real or potential threats to business continuity – including incidents of physical risk, serious impacts to infrastructure and the effects of climatic events.

Establishing Businesses

Concept to operation

Wyze leaders support executives in the building and establishment of complete programmes from concept development to stable operations. This includes the creation and optimisation of technology and distribution networks, complete corporate branding/rebranding schemes, portfolio alignment, loyalty programmes and employee training and development plans.

In challenging environments, senior executives can sometimes lack sufficient understanding of the impacts of supply chain disruption, regulatory inconsistencies, political instability and resource depletion – leaving them facing delay or even failure. We help overcome these barriers through highly effective experience-based guidance.

New and Improved Processes

Better preparation and communication

Our leaders can demonstrate how round-the-clock awareness, good risk management and early policy development can aid security, tighten financial control and protect investments, reputation, and operations. We help senior executives identify opportunities and show how effective decision making can ensure objectives are met.

Particular areas of expertise include the navigation of complex regulatory systems, maintaining positive public and stakeholder communications, and preparation and implementation of effective anti-corruption and fraud strategies to maintain control and prevent financial and reputational damage.

Sustainable Results

Engaging people appropriately

Our leaders create a trusting atmosphere in which we share know-how in a practical and useful way to realise human potential and build greater long-term business resilience.

We have achieved many notable successes through the creation of sustainable business practices; engaging people respectfully, being mindful of cultural values and providing structured development opportunities are just some of the ways we’ve established continuously viable businesses.

Tangible and Intangible Savings

Leading-edge preparedness

Wyze wants your new appointment or venture to succeed. Our leaders help senior executives avoid and overcome the pitfalls, costs and potential reputation damage that can result from an ill-informed or badly prepared start. Our advice and support is grounded in experience and is always relevant, current, and aware of local pressures – to ensure we impart confidence from day one.

Wyze has an extensive global network of valued experts who can, in appropriate circumstances, be deployed to support specific programmes or projects.

Better Business Modelling

Investment review and oversight

Investors’ knowledge of a business sector or market is not always matched by operational experience. This can lead to business performance not meeting expectations without the ability to take corrective action. This is often exacerbated when the management team is either inexperienced in managing growth or is unknown to the investors. All too often, business plans presented to investors are optimistic and not solidly built.

We use operational knowledge and experience to ensure that business models are based on and aligned with market realities, operational realities, and quantified resources. This approach improves investor confidence and financial outputs. We provide assurance for investors by reviewing the validity of business assumptions and the realities of the operational processes and resources required.

Improved Investor Confidence

Operational performance

We help generate accurate and timely reporting and forecasting processes, and ensure that the management team is performing and taking appropriate corrective action where necessary. We make sure this action is in line with the investment plan and made in a planned and transparent way. Investments made on this basis perform closer to expectations than investments made on business plans built solely to raise funds.

In addition to our operational management expertise, we have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in investment from development and commercial banks, VCs and existing shareholders – both for expansion and for new ventures. We continue to deliver on the projections made.