Technology, Media and Telecoms

Our leaders and their global network of carefully selected consultants provide the knowledge frameworks that allow TMT organisations to make complex strategic and financial decisions. Participating at Board or senior management level, we help those operating in this fast-moving sector to get the best from their investments and operations – even in the most challenging circumstances.


We work with new organisations looking to enter the market and with existing operators optimising their performance. Our unparalleled telecoms experience gained primarily in emerging markets means we can provide targeted support at every stage of the management journey:

License hunting, privatisation, acquisitions

We advise and guide companies and investors entering new telecoms markets via tender, acquisition, privatisation process, or securing new licenses. We are experienced in helping organisations and investors identify and assess opportunities and negotiate the obstacles and barriers to market entry.

Start-ups – strategic, business and operational planning

We provide value for start-up companies in developing strategies and plans grounded in the realities of markets, operational parameters and resource availability. Our leaders and consultants work with some of the world’s most successful telecoms organisations to help launch and develop secure start-up operations.

Expansion Strategies for accelerated growth

For existing businesses, we provide a range of support that helps catalyse expansion and deliver growth in telecoms markets. Our expertise means we’re able to prepare more accurate and realistic expansion strategies that perform closer to expectation.

Interim management roles and senior advisory services

We complement existing teams with additional expertise on an interim basis to support start-up plans, development strategies or existing telecoms projects. We have rapid access to a network of specialist consultants able to act in an advisory capacity for many organisations in a variety of ways. Contact us to find out more.

Implementation of management and financial reporting

Competent information optimisation is critical at all organisational levels to support effective decision making. We help organisations understand and take ownership of management and financial reporting by implementing clear, documented and standardised systems and practices.

Corporate governance

Rigorous corporate governance fundamentally improves transparency, accountability, shareholder relationships and long-term commercial performance. Our leaders and consultants help many telecoms operators to review and develop compliant corporate governance practices; placing businesses in the best position to deliver on their strategies.

Fraud detection and revenue assurance

Reputation damage and financial loss from fraud activity can be considerable and can impact a business rapidly. We are highly experienced in identifying the vulnerabilities that can impact telecoms businesses. We apply our on-the-ground experiences to develop, and implement practical fraud prevention tools and strategies that help keep your revenues, and ultimately your business, secure.

Change management and restructuring of companies

Change management is most effective when it connects the strategies of shareholders and boards with the objectives of management and executives – reflecting the demands of the market and the customer. Wyze leaders have a wealth of experience from developing comprehensive strategies to the implementation and restructuring of organisations, operational processes, distribution networks and brands, resulting in successful and sustainable change.

Management development and training

Managers embarking on new appointments in unknown or challenging environments can sometimes lack the skills and behaviours needed to manage local teams. We apply our own experiences to develop effective management support programmes that build the confidence and competence of senior and middle management. We work on a one-to-one basis or with small teams to develop bespoke training. Contact us to find out more.


We have delivered significant successes with media and publishing companies in both established and emerging markets.


Mobile telecom infrastructures enable a completely new approach to education. Far-sighted organisations are seizing on the opportunities presented by increased mobile ownership and fluency with many delivering new mLearning initiatives. These programmes have far-reaching and positive consequences in the development of employment opportunities for otherwise disadvantaged individuals, and therefore for the economy as a whole.


A successful transition to e-publishing requires specific support and skill. Our leaders and consultants can evidence their experience in developing successful new business models and strategies for the publishing sector.


We have recently worked with clients on some of the world’s most ground-breaking technology projects.

Cutting-edge Software

Ensuring new technologies are legally adequate is a challenge for the many new companies developing software in emerging sectors. Our leaders and consultants can support organisations on their growth journeys by establishing the legal, financial and organisation structures that will underpin their development. Wyze recently supported a company developing software for driverless cars.

Safe Cities

We are applying our knowledge of developing countries to support governments as they manage the security issues associated with levels of crime – especially in capital cities. Recent successes include projects in the Caribbean and Central America that have contributed to crime reduction and a subsequent increase in GDP. Contact us to find out more about our Safe Cities work.