Financial Services

Our leaders and network of consultants provide a range of services for banks, private equity companies and venture capitalists:

Operational and due diligence services

We provide operational and commercial due diligence services to private equity firms, banks and other financial services organisations. We support investors with valuable market and sector insight, validation of business plans and recommendations for growth.

Assistance with structuring loans and participations

Wyze leaders and consultants support investors by helping to structure and monitor loan agreements and spending. We develop reporting architecture to help keep investors up-to-date and informed with regular insight and commentary.

Implementation of management and financial reporting

We help investors by developing and establishing clear, documented and standardised systems of reporting that disclose regular financial and performance data.

Board participation and senior advisory roles

For start-ups or established businesses, access to high quality advice helps improve performance and reassure investors. Our experienced leaders and consultants add value by addressing the realities of operating in new or challenging locations and helping organisations maintain control.

Interim senior management roles

Our leaders and specialists bring quantifiable experience in leadership roles and executive positions and can play a positive role in interim management. We are often asked to help lead through periods of change or during start-ups as part of a strategy to secure success and protect investments.