Being a leader can be a satisfying and worthwhile experience, but it can also be daunting and lonely. This sense of trepidation can be amplified where new ventures take senior managers out of their comfort zone and into uncertainty.

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Each of us at Wyze has felt that uncertainty and witnessed first-hand the sometimes serious impacts of unstable business environments. We want to share the benefit of our knowledge and help make executives wiser, stronger and more effective.

Established by three former CEOs and supported by a large network of experts, Wyze has a collective pool of more than 80 years’ international business experience in over 40 countries. In different and demanding environments, we have successfully launched and managed a variety of businesses where conflicting priorities, cultural differences and a complex mix of stakeholders are the norm.

Wyze offers a successful track record of support for those about to embark on a new senior appointment or take the first step into a changeable or weak business environment. We have a deep specialism in the complex telecoms and mobile telecoms sectors, but our skills have also been deployed in the FMCG, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, food, and oil and gas sectors.

Wyze supports senior executives through challenges such as fraud and corruption, physical security, civil unrest, threat to infrastructure, immature regulatory systems, risk oversight inexperience and lack of capacity.

Our combined knowledge and experience helps individuals and organisations effectively establish and manage successful, sustainable operations.